How Pharma Can Connect With Doctors With Clinical Videos

The study posted by Google BrandLab suggests that by 2017, 74% of world’s internet traffic will be in the form of videos. According to the same study, 87% people irrespective of their occupation feel that videos are more engaging. They also feel that videos intrigue them to interact with the creator of the videos because of their appealing nature.

The studies have also found that there is also 100% cumulative growth in mobile traffic for videos each year for the last 3 years. With plummeting costs of internet data plans, videos are set to be the most popular way to engage with the audience.

All the above suggest that the customer experience defines the basis for connection with your brand. However, engagement alone doesn’t drive the decision making. An engaging audience doesn’t always mean that sure sale. The decisions of the customers are solely driven on how well you communicate the value of your products and services with appealing content.  When asked to the marketer, a majority, 73% of marketers felt that good content is the most important driver behind the successful video marketing.

Pharma needs to understand the power of creating and telling a story through videos, especially to doctors. Videos regarding new treatments, procedures, and products are highly beneficial to engage with doctors. They are also very helpful in communicating core marketing message to the doctors.

Why use Informative Clinical Videos in Pharma Marketing?

  • Highly effective: We have already seen how videos drive the engagement. In addition, clinical videos made with the experts offer great clinical insights, practice recommendations and strategies to clinical decision making. Due to all these qualities of the clinical videos, they are one of the greatest tools to create excitement, drive loyalty and educate the doctors at the same time.
  • To Bring clarity in action: A plain clinical text often fails to deliver the message as it tells the course of action to be taken but never really explains how that action to be taken. For e.g. a plain text flyer explaining new laparoscopic trocar will never work as good as the video in which the trocar’s new capabilities are demonstrated.  Even by the simpler videos, actions such as “how to measure glucose level with accuracy” etc. can be effectively explained in much shorter time. The visual memory leaves a leave long-lasting impression on viewers’ mind and helps your brand stay relevant for a long time.
  • To Remove Confusion in Decision Making: Many surveys suggest that doctors who do not get clear information about the product, may never prescribe it. Many studies have shown that videos increase understanding of product by 62-74% in much shorter duration. Videos also help the doctors and companies to eliminate any confusion surrounding your product. Since many queries are effectively addressed through the videos, the doctors are less likely to switch to your competitors.
  • To Prioritize information to be delivered: Visual presentation by videos is very appealing as Pharma companies can control the delivery of marketing message by focusing on various audiovisual parameters. Great videos focus on avoiding repetitious vocal message but instead focus on subtly highlighting the values in multiple ways. These factors play an important part in making doctors feel that the content is unique and specially made for them. The sense of exclusivity can help doctors connect with you in much better way.

How to Create Great Educational Videos For Pharma Marketing?

  • Understand the opportunities for great content: Before you even start shooting your videos, understand what doctors need in your product area. Understand the stress-points, pain-points and most important questions that you predominantly want to address. Understand the burning topics in the therapy area and find out whether you can help address them. Videos on such burning topics not only help you deliver the best message but help you in staying relevant.
  • Formulate a great script for your videos: Engaging with clinical educational video is like a golf. You hardly hear loud applause for the win on the golf course as the spectators are scattered everywhere, still, one may be considered highly successful. This is because every spectator has an interest in a different player or different shot played on golf course. Same thing applies to clinical educational video. Every doctor has different interest area, different skills but you need to connect them all through your video. It requires great script to bring them all together. Your
  • Engage with Leading Influencers for your videos: Though your marketing message or product should be a ‘hero’ of your video, that doesn’t realistically works all the time. Just like a movie starring superstar like Amitabh Bachchan has more likelihood of success, having a reputed influencer or expert in the specialty can help your product relate to the audience much better.
  • Leave a food for thought and come back: Your videos should not be one-time activity but should the part of the chain which addresses the gray areas surrounding your product or specialty. Learn from every video, understand and analyze the responses of your audience. Make a comeback with follow-up videos or content to address the questions and pain-points. This will help you to stay relevant.

How Docplexus Can Help?

Docplexus is a community of over 1,50,000 registered doctors from 85 different specialties from Modern Medicine. Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest growing doctors’ professional platform which has built its reputation as an unbiased, trustworthy and effective platform. Over 11000 cases have already been shared on Docplexus, which can help Pharma companies understand the burning topics in various specialties.

We have in-house specialist media team with expertise in video recording and editing. In addition, our community team can help your leading KOLs get onboard for informative clinical videos and interviews.  Many experts have already shared over 250 videos in the last year. On an average around 550-600 doctors view and engage with these videos in a two-day time period. This just shows how effective videos can be in communicating the message.

We have already engaged and recorded video interviews with over 40 top KOLs in India. It is our observation that doctors from all the specialties are equally interested and engage with videos and KOL videos. Pharma has a great opportunity to engage with doctors through clinically informative videos provided they publish them in the right domain such as Docplexus.


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