eGov Magazine: e-Governance in Indian Healthcare, Building a Stronger Nation

Docplexus CEO, Phanish Chandra shares his views on the impact of e-Governance in healthcare, key challenges and success drivers. The article featured in eGov Magazine’s 150th issue.

Like in most other economies, disruptive forces of digital technology are paving the path for better governance in India. The e-Governance movement holds potential to radically transform the way services are delivered to the populace. It promotes a collaborative approach to decision-making by allowing active participation of the common man in improving the quality of public services through higher transparency and accountability.

If our country is to make great strides on the world stage, we must ensure that its populace enjoys abundant health. However, the present public health machinery lies in dire straits, marred by multiple problems such as low budget, inaccessibility, high population density and lack of supportive infrastructure.

e-Governance can successfully tackle the malice of red-tapism, delays and chaos that currently prevail in large public hospitals across the country. In 2011, healthcare was added as a Mission Mode Project (MMP) in the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). It was also included in the government’s ambitious Digital India Programme launched in 2015.

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