5 Things Pharma Companies Must Know About Social Media Marketing

Social media have become the strongest medium of generating information, raising awareness and building networks in all areas of life. The social media platforms have gained traction among the common population today, but their use for commercial purpose has only been limited to advertise products. Specifically, pharma sector needs to interact through social media but how to do that is still quite unclear for the sector.

Should Pharma Use Social Media?

The answer is “of course”. However, the answer comes with many riders dictated by laws and regulations. In most of the countries, pharma companies are restricted from direct advertisements of their products. Thus, pharma sector turned its head away from social media, as they thought “it is just another advertising platform”.

In reality, social media has much broader applications on which pharma companies need to focus. Day by day pharma is waking up to new opportunities through social media, but it is important “to get the basics right”.

What are the 5 Most Important Things About Social Media?

The most important thing to know before we even start, pharma companies need to understand that social media and web portals for online presence significantly differ in their basic architecture. Due to their inherent characteristics, social media are considered as a dynamic portals whereas websites are considered as static portals.  Now comes the most important part that pharma companies need to by-heart regarding social media.

  1. Social Media Platforms are Closed Platforms: Social media platforms are closed platform where one needs to fulfill the criteria for the participating in any activity. Compare that to a web portal, where there is absolutely no control who can access or share the information. Social media provides that unique edge and grants control access. For pharma companies, this quality is most crucial as rules and regulation prohibit pharma companies for circulating any information targeting the general public. At Docplexus, we have integrated this knowledge to make sure that only clinicians who qualify for the criteria can access making it very easy for pharma companies to publish the message they intent to deliver without hesitation.
  2. Social Media Makes it Easy to Understand Target Audience: Social media gathers a variety of classes of target audiences. The tools of social media platform enable pharma companies to target specific audience class for their marketing. For example on Docplexus, though all the participants are doctors, when needed, they can be separately addressedby their area of interest and expertise, for effective communication and feedback. This feature allows pharma companies to specifically develop a content or strategy to address their target audience which more effective than “Carpet Marketing”.
  3. Social Media Delivers Instant Feedback: Whatever is the message, social media platforms immediately and effectively provide pharma companies with the feedback. This is the biggest advantage of social media over traditional web-feedback forms. The analyses from these feedbacks are the key to build sustainable long-term marketing strategy which will not fail. The only requirement from pharma companies is that they need to be proactive in receiving and delivering the feedback and consistently keep their side of the bargain.
  4. Social Media Helps in Tracking Activity of the Audience: The architecture of social media allows one to track how the participants view, react and respond to any content. It also helps to understand geographical location of the participants to some extent. Especially for pharma companies, this data is vital as they traditionally need to put efforts in targeted marketing. Docplexus makes that easy by reaching out to over 1, 11,111 doctors in a day. Data of social media interactions helps in understanding the inclinations, preferences and desires of the audience which is very critical for targeted marketing.
  5. Social Media Makes or Breaks brands: Responsive, responsible and resolute presence on social media platforms makes or breaks the brand. It is the need of an hour that pharma companies resonate their passion about playing a valuable role in elevating healthcare. Pharma companies need to maintain the etiquettes of ethical marketing.

Most importantly, pharma companies can easily understand KOLs, important issues those need to be addressed and sentiments hence can accordingly begin to carve a good, ethical, working relationship with the doctors making the brand stronger.

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